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Account Signatories





RESOLVED, That                                         ,              __      ,                                      , or any branch thereof, be, and it is hereby selected as a depository for the funds of this corporation, and that until it shall be otherwise notified in writing as hereinafter provided, said bank be, and it is hereby authorized to accept and receive for deposit or collection any and all items purporting to be endorsed in the corporate name of this corporation, and to make payments from the funds of this corporation on deposit with it upon and according to the check of this corporation signed by the following, and such others as may from time to time hereafter be authorized:

RESOLVED FURTHER, That the President, Vice-President, Secretary or Treasurer of this corporation, or either of them, be, and they are hereby authorized and empowered to certify and deliver to the said bank a copy of this resolution, and to execute a proper signature card, or cards, bearing the authorized signatures as aforesaid, and to execute and deliver to said bank subsequent cards bearing the specimen signatures of such others as may from time to time hereafter be authorized to sign the checks or drafts of this corporation.

RESOLVED FURTHER, That all acts and things that may be done pursuant to the authority of this resolution by the said bank, or by the officers of this corporation, be, and the same are hereby fully ratified and approved, and that this resolution remain in full force and effect until written notice of revocation signed by the President, Vice-President, Secretary or Treasurer of this corporation shall have been received by said bank.

It is hereby certified that the above and foregoing is a true and correct copy of a resolution adopted by the directors of                                                                                    of                                                           ,

                                                                                              at a meeting duly called and

held onthe               day of                                             ,                  at which a quorum

was present and voting.

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, Witness my signature and the seal of said corporation this day of                                             ,                  .


President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer

Only one signature required. Mark through titles of officers not signing. Be careful to affix seal of corporation.

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