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Closing Statement

Closing Settlement Statement

Seller: Buyer:
Seller: Buyer:
Property Address:
City: State:  Alabama Zip:

Seller(s) Column

Buyer(s) Column

1a. Sales Price 1b. Sales Price
2a. Down-payment 2b. Down-payment
3a. Balance 3b. Balance
4a. Expenses 4b. Expenses
5a.  Title Search 5b.  Title Search
6a.  Recording Fees 6b.  Recording Fees
7a.  Title Insurance 7b.  Title Insurance
8a.  Attorney Fees 8b.  Attorney Fees
9a.  Notary Fee 9b.  Notary Fee
10a.  Survey 10b.  Survey
11a.  Commission to 11b.  Commission to
12a. 12b.
13a. 13b.
14a. 14b.
15a. 15b.
16a. 16b.
17a. 17b.
18a. 18b.
19a. 19b.
20a. Total Expenses 20b. Total Expenses
21a. Balance Less Expenses 21b. Balance plus Expenses
22a. Other Adjustments 22b. Other Adjustments
23a. County Tax Pro-ration 23b. County Tax Pro-ration
24a.  City Tax Pro-ration 24b. County Tax Pro-ration
25a.  Special Assessment Pro-ration 25b.  Special Assessment Pro-ration
26a. 26b.
27a 27b.
28a. 28b.
29a. 29b.
30a. Total Adjustments 30b. Total Adjustments
31a. Balance Due to Seller 31b. Balance Due from Buyer
32a. Total Due to/from Seller(s) 32b. Total Due From/to Buyer
I/We certify that the contents hereof are true and correct.


_____________________________ SS#



I/We certify that the contents hereof are true and correct.


_______________________________ SS#



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Inside Closing Statement