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Affidavit of Occupancy



Federal Housing Administration

Federal National Mortgage Association

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation

Department of Veterans affairs

Property Address: ___________________________________

FHA/FNMA/FHLMC/V.A. Case No. _____________________

We the undersigned purchaser(s) of the above captioned property hereby certify (and understand that one of the conditions of our loan, if any, is that we occupy the subject property) as follows:

(__) We will occupy the subject property within a reasonable time after closing and on or before ____________________(Specified time).

(__) We now occupy the subject property.

We the undersigned purchaser(s) also hereby certify that there have been no significant changes in our financial status; i.e., employer, income, available cash, etc., and that our loan application to FHA/V.A. or conventional lender reflects our current financial position.

This paragraph applies if one of the agencies above is involved in financing or guaranteeing our loan: We are aware of and understand that if we fail to move into the property by the specified time that we are subject to prosecution under Section 1010, Title 18, United States Code, Federal Housing Administration Transactions, and that we are liable to be fined not more than $5,000, or imprisoned not more than two years, or both. We are aware of and understand that other Federal Statutes provide severe penalties for any fraud or misrepresentation made for the purpose of influencing the issuance of any guaranty or insurance or the making of any loan by the Secretary of Veterans Affairs.

________________________          ____________________________                                                                                          Purchaser                        Date                         Purchaser                                 Date

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