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Trustee of Trust

This Instrument Prepared By:









  1. 1.                  Designation of Attorney-in-Fact:  I,                                              , sole Trustee of the                                          , a                             Trust with an address of                                ,                          ,                           (hereinafter the Trust) hereby make, constitute and appoint                                                           , as his or her true and lawful Attorney-in-Fact for dealing with property of the Trust as specified herein in my place, stead, and name, as trustee, to handle and conduct business affairs of the Trust as authorized in this document, and to act on behalf of the Trust as more particularly set forth hereinafter:


  1. 2.                  Statement of Intent and Effective Date: By this document I intend to create a Power of Attorney pursuant to the applicable laws of the State of                          ___  . The Power of Attorney shall become effective upon the date of my execution hereof, and shall remain in full force and effect as long as the Trust owns or is in any way involved as regards certain real property located in             _____ County,                                      State as more particularly described on Exhibit A hereto and made a part hereof, or until the filing in the appropriate Office in               _____ County,                          of an instrument of specific revocation hereof.


3.         Powers of Attorney-in Fact:

(a)                   To review and execute any and all documents necessary to finalize and close upon the acquisition of that certain portion of the                    property as located at                                      .

(b)   To bargain, sell, grant, assign and convey to such person, persons, or entity and for such sum of money or other consideration as the Attorney-in Fact shall deem for the advantage and profit of the Trust, any portion of the property to be acquired from                                      , said property as described in Exhibit A;

(c)        To make all necessary contracts, deeds, mortgages, and conveyances thereof, with such covenants, warranties, and assurances as the Attorney-in-Fact shall deem expedient and proper;

(d)       To sign, seal acknowledge and deliver any or all of the same.

(e)        To accept and receive sums of money and other consideration which shall be payable to the Trust as a result of said sales; and

(f)                To do, execute, and perform all and every other act or acts, thing or things in law needful and necessary to be done in, about, or as pertains to the subject                   _____County,               ______ , property, as fully, largely, and amply to all intents and purposes as the Trust might or could do if acting personally.

4.         Limited Application of Powers: Due to the fact that the Trust owns assets other than an interest in this particular                County,                           property and conducts business on other matters and in other states, it is hereby specified that the powers established in this document are limited to any and all aspects of any business matters relating in any way to the property described on Exhibit A in its undeveloped state as well as any development thereof or any sections or portions thereof.

5.         Administrative Provisions:

(a)        This Power of Attorney is intended to be valid in any jurisdiction in which it is presented;

(b)        The Attorney-in-Fact shall not be entitled to compensation for services performed under this document, but shall be entitled to reimbursement of all reasonable expenses incurred as a result of carrying out any provision hereof.

(c)        The powers delegated under this Power of Attorney are separable, so that the invalidity of one or more powers shall not invalidate any others.

6.         Certification: I hereby certify that I have read and reviewed this document, and that the provisions herein accurately state the wishes of the Trust under the circumstances set forth herein.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I,                          _________    , in my capacity as sole Trustee of the                         ___________     have caused this Power of Attorney to be executed on the date appearing across from my signature:





Signed, Sealed, and Delivered in the presence of:






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