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(Agent for Seller)

STATE OF _______________________

COUNTY OF _____________________

KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENT, THAT I ______________________,

whose address is ______________________, ________________ (City),

__________ (State), _________ (Zip), desiring to execute a SPECIAL POWER OF ATTORNEY, hereby appoint,______________________ , of _________________ County,___________________ (State) , as my Attorney-in-Fact to act as follows, GRANTING unto my Attorney-in-Fact full power to:

To do all things necessary to close on the sale of the property described below, commonly known as ________________________________ (address), with full power and authority for me and in my name to execute any and all documents necessary to effect the sale, conveyance and settlement on said property to any person or persons of his choosing, including but not limited to, deeds, checks, receipts, releases, warranties, affidavits, contracts, addenda, settlement statements, loan commitments and disclosure statements, truth-in-landing statements, all forms of commercial papers, endorsements to checks, or the like, and any such other instrument or instruments in writing of whatever kind, character and nature as may be necessary to complete the sale, financing arrangements, and the settlement process. FURTHER GRANTING full power and authority to collect and receive any funds or proceeds of said sale in any manner which, in his sole discretion, he sees fit.

The legal description of the property is as follows, to-wit:


I hereby ratify and confirm all that said attorney-in-fact shall lawfully do or cause to be done by virtue of this Power of Attorney and the rights and powers herein granted.

All acts done by means of this power shall be done in my name, and all instruments and documents executed by my Attorney hereunder shall contain my name, followed by that of my attorney and the description “Attorney-in-Fact”, excepting however any situation where local practice differs from the procedure set forth herein, in that event local practice may be followed. This SPECIAL POWER OF ATTORNEY shall be valid and may be relied upon by any third parties until such time as any revocation is recorded in the recorder’s office of the county where the land is located.

DATED this the ___  day of ___________, 20___ .




Print Name

STATE OF ___________________

COUNTY OF _______________________

On this ____ day of ___________, in the year _____, before me personally appeared ____________________________, known to me (or proved to me on the oath of _____________________) to be the person who is described in, and who executed the within instrument and acknowledged to me that __________________ (he/she) executed the same.


Notary Public

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