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Contract for Legal Services


CLIENTS:  _______________________________________________

ADDRESS: _______________________________________________

PHONE:    _______________________________________________

FOR AND IN CONSIDERATION of legal services rendered and to be rendered, the undersigned (clients), do hereby employ _____________, to represent clients and to institute proceedings with any appropriate court or institution for damages or other appropriate relief against such persons or entities liable for worker’s compensation benefits, social security benefits, discrimination, employee welfare benefits including disability benefits, personal injuries and other damages suffered as the result of the death of _____________________.

For the same consideration clients set over and assign to said attorneys undivided contingent interests in said claims to be paid first out of any and all gross funds received by way of settlement or judgment, or payments of the proceeds of any insurance or disability benefits.  The contingent interest in clients’ worker’s compensation claims and claims for social security benefits shall be the maximum allowed by law.  If any judgment or order awards attorneys’ fees, then these fees shall be retained by or paid to said attorneys in addition to any funds received as contingent interest.

Said attorneys are authorized to negotiate for a settlement of these claims if advisable, but in no event shall a settlement be made without clients’ consent.  Any settlement made by clients without the consent of attorneys shall be void.  It is agreed and understood that the compensation for this employment shall be solely upon a contingent fee basis and if no recovery is made, clients shall not owe any sum whatsoever as attorneys’ fees.  Clients agree that the cost of court and the expenses incurred by the attorneys will be advanced by or paid by clients no matter what result is achieved in these cases.  If there is any recovery, these expenses and costs will constitute a lien on the recovery and such costs and expenses will be satisfied out of the recovery before any funds are payable to clients.  Attorneys are hereby granted a limited power of attorney to incur on behalf of clients those cost of court and other expenses which are reasonable in pursuit of the above referenced claims.  Attorneys shall have the right to employ additional counsel in their sole discretion, but not at clients’ expense.  Attorneys have the right to withdraw from representation after giving clients reasonable notice and returning clients’ file, and upon doing so, they shall have no further obligation under this contract.

This contract shall bind clients’ successors, assignees and heirs.

WITNESS OUR SIGNATURES, this ____ day of _____________, 20 __.







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