30 Day Termination Notice



TO: _____________________________

     NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that within 30 days after service of this notice, you must surrender possession of the premises located at ____________________ to the undersigned Landlord,_____________________  , or to the landlord’s authorized agent or attorney.

     Your failure to vacate the premises within 30 days will cause the undersigned to initiate legal proceedings against you to recover possession of the premises, and to seek a judgment for damages for each day of occupancy after the expiration date of this notice, including but not limited to, treble damages, recoverable attorneys’ fees, and costs associated with any unlawful detention of the premises.

     This notice is intended as a 30-day notice terminating your month-to-month tenancy. Prorated rent in the amount of ________________ Dollars ($___________ ) is due as of _________________, 20___  and payable through and including the date of termination of your tenancy under this notice.

Dated:_________________ , 20 ____.

By: _____________________________

State Specific Landlord Tenant Agreement Forms

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