Sewer Easement

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STATE OF________________________

COUNTY OF_______________________

FOR AND IN CONSIDERATION of the sum of One Dollar ($ 1.00), cash in hand paid, and other good and valuable consideration, the receipt, sufficiency and adequacy of all of which is hereby acknowledged ______________ do hereby warrant, convey and transfer unto the____________________ , the following irrevocable, perpetual and exclusive easement, being situated in ___________________County,________________ , and being more particularly described as follows:



There is also granted herewith a _____________foot (__ ) wide temporary construction easement lying along and adjacent to the South side of the above described___________________ foot  (__ ) wide perpetual easement.

It is understood and agreed that the easement conveyed hereby shall give and convey to the Grantee herein the right of ingress and egress upon the lands above described for the purpose of the location, construction, maintenance, use, installation, removal and repair of sewer improvements.

It is further understood and agreed that the consideration above mentioned shall be in the payment for the interest hereby transferred and full settlement of any and all claims, demands, grants or rights of action _______________ , accruing or to accrue to the Grantors, his heirs, assigns or successors in interest.

Grantor herein reserves all oil, gas, and minerals now owned by him on, in and under said land Grantor warrants that the subject property does not constitute any part of the homestead of the Grantor.

As additional consideration for the above referenced transfer the City of ____________________, __________________agrees to waive the collection of all fees from the Grantor for a single connection to the sewer system to serve the existing business.

City of _________________stipulates that during construction adequate ingress/egress will be maintained soas not to adversely affect the conduct of business by Grantor.

City of ____________________ further agrees and stipulates that following construction, the work area will berestored to the condition it was in prior to construction as nearly as practical.

WITNESS MY SIGNATURE on this the __________________ day of ________________ , 20_____ .


BY: __________________________

TITLE:  _______________________

STATE OF____________________

COUNTY OF____________________

PERSONALLY appeared before me, the undersigned authority in and for the said county and state, on this the ___________________ day of , 20___ , within named _______________ , who acknowledged that he is an officer of authorized to execute and deliver the above and foregoing instrument

GIVEN UNDER my hand and official Seal of Office this the ____________day of ______________________,20____.







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State Specific Easements Forms

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