Deposition of Client Scheduled




[City, State, Zip]______________________________________________

Re:       Deposition Date


_______________County _______________ Court, Cause Number_______

Dear [name] ____________________:

This letter is to advise or confirm that your deposition has been scheduled in the above case for the ____ day of , __________ 20 at [time] in [our office] [the office of the attorney for _______________ , located at ___________ ].

[Please be at __________ at __________ [time] to discuss and attend the deposition.] [You must bring the following documents to the deposition:

1. _______________________________________________________


Of course, we need to review the documents prior to the deposition and therefore we need to meet to discuss them. Please call me office for an appointment.]

Please read the attached Deposition Information Sheet I have prepared prior to the deposition.

With kindest regards, I am

Sincerely yours,



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