Checklist to Organize Automobile Action



_______________vs. _______________


(__)Statute of limitation diaried

(__)Representation contract signed

(__)Medical authorization signed

(__)Thank you letter to referral source

(__)Authorization for Personnel file signed

(__)Letter to defendant and defendant insurance carrier informing them of    your representation

(__)Special notice to public entity if necessary

(__)I. R. S.  Authorization signed

(__)Initial client information sheet completed

(__)Client information sheet completed

(__)Client recorded statement taken

(__)Client’s insurance information obtained

(__)Request for defendant’s insurance information mailed

(__)Accident report obtained

(__)Disposition of any traffic citations

(__)Any testimony on traffic citations

(__)Defendant’s statement, if possible

(__)Corporation information obtained, if defendant was a corporation

(__)Write Department of Motor Vehicles re: ownership of defendant’s vehicle

(__)First settlement demand

(__)Letters written for medical information

(__)Defendant’s driving record sent for

(__)Case development plan in file

(__)All accident pictures obtained

(__)Pictures of scene

(__)Pictures of plaintiff

(__)Engineer’s drawing

(__)Witness statements

(__)Consider day-in-the-life videotape

(__)Complaint prepared

(__)Request to produce

(__)Interrogatories to the defendant

(__)Defendant’s deposition set and taken

(__)Motion and order for partial summary judgment

(__)Motion and order for summary judgment

(__)Motion to set case for trial

(__)Pretrial statement

(__)Pretrial stipulation

(__)Diary relevant dates from pretrial order

(__)Prepare pretrial checklist

(__)Motions in limine

(__)Jury instructions

(__)Jury verdict forms

(__)Final settlement efforts

(__)Determine cost of structured settlement


(__)Summarize depositions

(__)Prepare and mark exhibits

(__)Prepare pretrial notebook

(__)Letter to witnesses advising what to expect at trial

(__)Prepare and subpoena witnesses

(__)Prepare witness list, addresses, telephone numbers, and confirm transportation

(__)Arrange last minute briefing conference with:

(__) Trial team

(__) Client

(__) Witnesses

(__)Letters to doctors, hospitals, etc. , for update on medical bills due

(__)Check courtroom for facilities (view boxes, videotape arrangements, etc.)

(__)Obtain court docket

(__)Check sequencing of earlier trial to determine “ready date”


(__)Prepare final judgment form

(__)Prepare settlement sheet for client indicating distribution of case proceeds

(__)Prepare motion to tax costs

Attorney Specific Forms

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