Before Initial Appointment


[Proposed Client] ______________________________________________


[City, State, Zip] ______________________________________________

Re:       Appointment Date and Time:_________________________________

Dear [name] _____________________________:

Thank you for selecting our firm to assist you with a legal matter.  This letter is to confirm your appointment with________________ on ______, ______ at ___________.  If you require directions to the office, please contact the office.

It is important that you notify me if you need to reschedule the appointment.

[I have attached a client interview form that needs to be completed prior to the appointment to the extent that you can supply the information requested.  Please bring the completed form to the appointment.  If you can think of other information that would be useful in reviewing your matter, please write it on separate paper.]

The firm has not yet agreed to represent you because that decision cannot be made until after the information about your case has been reviewed.

We look forward to seeing you and hopefully assist you with your legal matter.

With kindest regards, I am

Sincerely yours,



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Attorney Specific Forms

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