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Attorney Forms and Letters

Checklist for Sequential Activities to Organize Automobile Action, US-66

Checklist of Sequential Activities to Organize Plaintiff Action, US-67

Demand Letter, US-70

Letter to Client – Deposition of Client Scheduled, US-92

Letter to Proposed Client – Before Initial Appointment, US-93

Letter to Client – Status Report, US-94

Letter to Proposed Client – Non-Representation Letter, US-95

Letter to Client – Request for Production of Documents, US-96

Letter to Client – Withdrawal of Representation, US-97

Letter to Client – Request for Admissions to Answer, US-98

Letter to Claims Adjuster with Release, US-105

Authority to Represent- Contingency, US-143

Instructions to Clients- Personal Injury, US-87

Legal Services Agreement – Contingent, US-99

Legal Services Agreement – Hourly, US-100

Legal Services Agreement – Retainer, US-101

Living Will, US 103

Motion to Withdraw, US-113

Notice of Service, US-124

Order- Do Not Resuscitate, US-130

Patient – Attorney Medical Lien Agreement, US-133

Attorney’s Lien Notice, US-134

Questionnaire to client, US-138

Update questionnaire to clients, US-140

Proposed Client Intake Sheet – General, US-144

Personal Injury Intake Sheet, US-163

Client’s authorization for release of insurance information attorney, US-145

Questionnaire- Estate Planning, US-172

Workers’ Compensation Interview Form, US-208

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